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Make Sure You're Following Your Favorite Artists!

By Audiomack on

On social media, follows are worth their weight in gold. On Audiomack, a follow is key to enhancing your app experience.

Never Miss a Release

Following your favorite artist or creator on Audiomack enables you to receive a push notification for every new release from their account. This means you'll be the first to know about and hear each new song, album, EP, mixtape, podcast, etc.

Note: Automated new release push notifications are only available for verified and authenticated artists. Creators, apply for authentication today to instantly notify fans when you release content.

Curate Your Feed

Curate your personal Feed to your unique tastes by following your favorite accounts. New uploads, releases, and Re-Ups from artists, creators, and tastemakers turn your Feed into a nonstop stream of fresh content. The more accounts you follow, the more helpful your Feed.

How to Follow an Account:

Following an artist is as simple as clicking the orange "Follow" button on the top right of their account page. It’s that simple.

Suggested Accounts to Follow

Not sure who to follow? Head to Accounts to Follow for a list of suggested creators you might like. It covers all genres, from superstars to hidden gems.

Stay Connected to Your Favorites

The best part of following artists on Audiomack is their ability to now reach out to you and keep you in-the-know on their releases. By streaming and following artists on Audiomack, you’re not just a number—you’re an integral part of the artist’s fanbase, helping to move music forward.

Turn on your Audiomack Push Notifications to receive updates from your favorite artists.

Celebrate and share your favorite artists' achievements via Trophies!


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