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Fijimacintosh Attempts to Roll a Perfect Doink on Doink-Off w/ Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Will Fijimacintosh’s doink hold up? Find out on Doink-Off w/ Audiomack.

Welcome to Doink-Off with Audiomack, the new video series where we ask the single most important question in music: can this artist roll the perfect doink?

This time, we’ve got the young gunner from Ohio, Fijimacintosh. At 17, Fiji has enough energy to sell out arenas, and his otherworldly project, Satellite Crash proves him to be an artist with immense range. From gummy leads to traditional trap soundscapes with a unique flow thrown in the mix, Fiji is a champion of hip-hop innovation. But can he roll the perfect doink?

“I wish we had fucking scissors, but hey, I tried my fucking best,” Fiji says, holding up his finished product, ready for judging. And what’s a doink off without a few celebrity judges? To rate the structural integrity, durability, and drag of Fiji’s doink, we bring in Cuban Doll and IndigoChildRick. Check out the full video to find out how Fijimacintosh’s doink stacked up.

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