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Listen to ekkstacy’s “i walk this earth all by myself”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

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ekkstacy — “i walk this earth all by myself”

Inspired by Elliott Smith and Bon Iver, it’s been a lonely road for Vancouver’s ekkstacy. The 18-year-old artist fuses, in his words, “indie, post punk, and synth wave” into a sound reminiscent of the gentler tunes Lil Peep released back in 2015. With a series of tragedies—addiction, psychosis, and the divorce of his parents—driving him to make music every day, consider ekkstacy the next beacon of light in the genre-bending space.

On “i walk this earth all by myself,” ekkstacy takes on a poppier lean than you might expect given his backstory. The self-proclaimed “indie star” appears wounded and distant on the track, as if singing from another world. The patter of drums and blooming synths bathe ekkstacy’s yearning vocal, empowering his near-moaning hums between verses. It’s the kind of new wave aching that disarms you before inviting you to sink into a loop of ruminating thoughts and uptempo production.

“‘i walk this earth all by myself’ is about being lonely,” ekkstacy tells Audiomack. “I used to work a bad job and I’d go on night walks when I had time off. I wrote this song on one of those walks.”


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