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Customize Your Audiomack Artist Profile With New Profile Page Banners

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Express your creativity, keep fans up to date with tour information, and brand your Audiomack artist page with Page Banners.

Audiomack is excited to introduce our new, full-width profile banners — customizing the look of your artist page has never been easier!

Awesome, so what can I do with banners?

For artists and labels, banners can be used to tease upcoming projects, advertise tour and single release dates, and act as an extension of your creativity and visual identity.

For designers and visual artists working with musicians and bands, Profile Page Banners are an easy way to showcase your latest work.

For fans, Profile Banners are an easy way to customize the look and feel of your personal Audiomack page.

Sounds good, how do I upload a Page Banner?

Uploading a banner is as simple as going to your profile page, hovering your mouse over the empty banner above your profile picture, and selecting “Edit Image.”

From there you’ll be able to select a JPG or PNG image and scale it right in the widget. Once you’re happy with your image, click “Apply,” and finally click “Update Profile.”

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