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Listen to Corbin’s “Tell Me”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

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Corbin — “Tell Me”

Debuting in 2013, the spacey and emotional artist we now know as Corbin once went by a different name with a much more rap-focused sound. In the years since, the elusive singer-producer has developed a sound as heartfelt as it is intense. Hailing from Minnesota, Corbin’s musical lineage is far closer to the trenches of the internet’s underground.

On Halloween, Corbin released his newest album, Ghost With Skin. Opening track “Tell Me” is a chilling scene-setter. “Tell me how your heart ripped open like that,” he croons before images of self-harm overwhelm. It’s the final chorus, though, when Corbin’s voice takes on a ragged tone, that he really hits the heart: “I don’t wanna see you bled out in anguish / My life would be aimless.”

“In short, an attempt to give respite and consolation to someone you love, that has experienced suffering in the past,” Corbin tells Audiomack World. “An offer to be their escape. A wish to give hope for the future, and stoke their will to go on. Remaining cognizant of the realities of the world we live in, which we were brought into without our consent, but must cope and continue on in for the sake of the ones we love.”

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