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Check Out the Audiomack Widget!

By Audiomack on

The Audiomack widget is now available on iOS 14! You can keep moving music forward without even leaving your home screen.

Direct Access to Your Favorite Music

The Audiomack widget allows for direct access to your favorite tracks on the Audiomack app and an instant preview of music trending around the globe. When in a rush, keep up with the hottest music by checking out the Audiomack widget, where you can, at a glance, be up to date on all the rising stars across genres.

Customize Your Recommendations

You have the ability to choose from three different sizes to fit perfectly on your home screen. The bigger the size, the more music recommendations. Go crazy and make an entire page on your home screen the Audiomack widget for maximum recommendations when you aren’t in the app. Then, go crazier and pop open the Audiomack app.


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