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Check Out Rapid Fire w/ Audiomack: Rolling Loud Edition #2

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

We ask Rico Nasty, the YBN Crew, Valee, and more, rapid fire questions and get some hilarious answers.

Welcome to Rapid Fire w/ Audiomack, the new interview series where we ask our favorite buzzing artists one question and get a ton of hilarious answers! For this episode, we’re back at Rolling Loud Festival in Miami asking artists their favorite Lil Wayne song, their zombie apocalypse weapon of choice, and more.

Valee may be the one to team up with when the world ends, because he’s ready to gun people down with a t-shirt cannon. While most artists said they would grab a machine gun, New York rapper Melii confidently said her hands would be enough to defend herself and Rico Nasty said all she needs is her hair. Artists also listed their favorite video games of all time, as well as their craziest fan experience — spoiler: fans are now jumping into artists’ cars on the highway.

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