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Check Out Audiomack’s Updated Artist Dashboard

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack’s new and updated artist dashboard makes understanding stats hassle-free.

Audiomack is dedicated to moving music forward. With that, we’re proud to introduce our updated artist dashboard. Consider this update the Audiomack Dashboard 1.5: a total UI overhaul making it easier to understand your stats. Now, for some key features

Users can now see their top performing content during a specific time period on the main dashboard page. The content management features also got an upgrade. It’s now easier to see and edit your uploads from the “Manage Content” tab. For our AMP partners, the monetization stats are cleaner and easier to read, ensuring you know exactly how each Audiomack play is making you money.

With these updates, you should have an easier time going through your stats, seeing how fans interact with your content, and using that information to make the best content possible and move music forward.

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