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Check Out Audiomack’s Newest Feature: Playlist Notifications

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack’s newest playlist notification feature enhances the experience for music fans, listeners, and curators. Here’s how.

Playlists are the future of music discovery and building music communities. As music fans, we’ve found some of our favorite artists through playlists created by trusted curators — that joy of being led to a hidden gem cannot be matched. But, keeping up with various curators and playlists can become overwhelming, and eventually the music we’re sure to love begins to fly under our radar.

Dedicated to moving music forward, Audiomack is excited to announce our latest feature: notifications for playlist updates! With specific benefits for artists, listeners, and playlist curators, these new notifications are the perfect way to stay tapped in to the music and creatives that matter to you.

Playlist Notifications for Artists

Artists have more opportunities than ever before to connect with their fans. Social media outreach is a must to cultivate a loyal fanbase, and with playlist notifications, Audiomack is giving artists yet another tool to increase their following. Now, artists have the ability to craft playlists, share them with their fans, and give fans insights into what they’re listening to with the click of a button.

Aside from sharing favorite tracks, artists can use this new feature to craft playlists highlighting their creative process, giving fans a deep look into the artist’s world. Artists and collectives can even take this as an opportunity to spotlight their creative friends and help grow their local scenes.

Playlist Notifications for Listeners

Nothing beats linking up with friends and sharing new music. Audiomack’s new playlist notification feature gives you the joy of music discovery right at your fingertips. Building playlists, getting notifications, and sharing music with other users across the platform gives listeners another tool to build communities on the platform. It’s now easier than ever to discover like-minded Audiomack users and find the next big artist moving music forward together.

Audiomack playlist notifications also help cut through the clutter and streamline your music discovery experience. Instead of having to sort through pages and pages of possible updates and endless playlists you might be interested in, Audiomack allows you to get the updates you want and the music you love faster and more efficiently.

Playlist Notifications for Curators

The art of playlist curation cannot go understated. Crafting a vibe, spotlighting the right people, and keeping listeners engaged all the way through is a feat all its own, and with playlist notifications, Audiomack is rewarding curators for their efforts and giving them another tool to increase their engagement. With notifications, playlist additions and edits feel more meaningful to both your followers and the artists you’re spotlighting.

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