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Listen to Charlotte Day Wilson’s “I Can Only Whisper”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

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Charlotte Day Wilson — “I Can Only Whisper” feat. BADBADNOTGOOD

Toronto multi-hyphenate Charlotte Day Wilson’s voice expands like the bellows of an old camera—how she lends precision to every emotion with a flick of a sung note. Her proper debut album, ALPHA, moves from the doldrums of her previous works and basks in a depth we’ve come to savor in contemporary pop and R&B. Day Wilson’s every word has a weight and innate power, narrowly crushing the listener while also providing reprieve.

I Can Only Whisper,” a collaboration with Canadian jazz and hip-hop production team BADBADNOTGOOD,” drips with a distant soul. Day Wilson’s voice sounds as if it’s passing through eons of hurt. With a biting song structure and equally sharp writing, “I Can Only Whisper” bleeds how we bleed. The song’s heart tremors in that unique way our own hearts come to betray us in the face of immense pain.

“This song came to me in my sleep,” Charlotte Day Wilson tells Audiomack. “I woke up and just had that line repeating over and over in my head, so I started writing out lyrics to it in my head while I was laying there. The melody and chord changes all just started coming together pretty naturally in this insane way as I was writing it. I tried a few different recordings of the song but just didn’t like how it was feeling. I knew I wanted it to feel like an old soul song, so I was like, ‘Okay, BADBADNOTGOOD just need to play this so I can get that kind of groove that they are so good at.’”

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