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Don Toliver, Tame Impala & 5an: Best of the Week

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Best of the Week highlights the latest and greatest new songs on Audiomack across genres and across the globe. For a playlist of this week’s selections, click here.

Step into the Life of a DON, Don Toliver’s Heaven Or Hell follow-up, and one of the five must-hear albums of this past week; the Houston’s artist’s “Smoke” is one of many album standouts, featuring HVN and SoFaygo. Set aside your confusion and let the obsession begin: Tame Impala has linked with Lil Yachty for the “Breathe Deeper” remix. Finally, Re-Upped alum 5an dropped the melodic “HollyHood.”

Tap into the playlist below to discover the best of the week on Audiomack, and find your new song of the year. And now, for some highlights…

  • Curren$y is Still Stoned on Ocean. “The Beach” is a project standout featuring Spitta giving out crucial life advice: money over hoes, confidence over pity parties, and nice cars over guilt. Jim Jones provides a guest verse.
  • The Alchemist returns with This Thing Of Ours 2, a sequel to the 2021 EP from April. Dusty, litled, and irresistible, Al’s productions warp around his guests. The Vince Staples-featuring “6 Five Hearts” is a glimpse into a new Vince, searching for a real love.
  • R&B singer Dominic Scott hopes you can keep his secrets on “Treat U.” The New Orleans artist wrings out every last feeling from the spacey beat. “we all struggle with vulnerability to some degree, mine just happens to be with women bc its hard out here for a pimp,” he explains.
  • bbno$ isn’t scared of falling off—or 4am “yoga.” A certified Ken doll as he teams up with Rebecca Black, “yoga” has all the signatures of a classic bbno$ track with its hilarity and impossibly danceable production.
  • It’s been 10 years since I’ve heard the “King Of Fall” on his self-titled album. “Coming Back” featuring SZA is an ode to the miles between James Blake’s mind and body. The Friends That Break Your Heart standout reminds us of the decade Blake has had crumbling established soundscapes and rebuilding them in his image.

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