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Audiomack Teams Up With Zaytoven’s Zay Area Foundation

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

As part of its commitment to moving music forward, Audiomack teamed with Zaytoven’s Zay Area Foundation to donate equipment, ten pianos, and a grand piano to local Atlanta students.

No matter the age, music feeds the soul. Audiomack’s ethos has always been to keep moving music forward, and there is no better way to move that needle than to start with the future of music: the children. With that in mind, Audiomack has teamed up with Zaytoven’s Zay Area Foundation to present the Keys For Kids Piano Grant. Working with 100 at Benjamin E. Mays High School, the grant delivers ten keyboards and one grand piano to the school. Not only did Zay give a speech and a masterclass on the keys during the event, but he also performed and spoke with the students at Benjamin E. Mays.

Check it out below:

“What we doin’ today, is we are giving away pianos, keyboards to the students and kids that wanna be in music,” Zay explains. “Instruments got to be in music… We not just gon’ let the computers do all the work, we gon’ actually do the work ourselves.”

“Music has always had a big influence in my life, it’s always been around,” says one Mays student. “Meeting Zaytoven and working with Audiomack, and everything, it’s been overall a really great experience. I’m really glad they came here today and now the kids, growing up, they have the Foundation and they get to play the instruments.”

Zaytoven spoke with the students, and gave them all insight into his musical journey, which proved to be an inspiring experience. “If he can do stuff like that, who says I can’t do it?” Remarks another student, the school’s drum major. “I started playing piano since I was, like, four. So, if he could do that with his talent, imagine what I could do with mine. Just talking to him, it made my day.”

Check out the full video to see the students’ reactions to their new music gear, and hear Zaytoven speak on the importance of music, and his musical upbringing.

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