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Audiomack’s new (and greatly improved 🙌🏼) upload system for Creators is here!

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Over the past few years, more than 300,000 artists, labels, podcasters, and DJ’s have used Audiomack to share their audio for free, without storage limits or premium account fees.

We’ve been thrilled to see the explosive growth in our creator community, but we’ve also gotten a lot of feedback that our upload flow needed improvements — so we spent the last year rebuilding our upload system from the ground up using your feedback, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch our new upload system today.

Not only does our new upload system mean massive improvements for our content creators today, but the tech we’ve built it on will transform Audiomack for all users over the next 6 months.

New Features

Drag-N-Drop Upload — Up to 50 Files at Once

You can now drag and drop up to 50 song files at once anywhere in the upload screen and your content will begin uploading automatically. Dropped a bunch of files in and realize you forgot one? No problem — just drag and drop it at any time, and it will upload simultaneously alongside the tracks you dragged in before.

Drag-n-Drop uploads

Easier Metadata & Artwork Editing

You can now edit metadata and artwork for uploads right from the upload page — no more modals to click through for each song! When you’re done editing metadata for your first upload, you can collapse the editor and scroll down to your next upload to edit metadata for it as well.

Enhanced Private Track & Scheduled Release Features

Our upload system now gives you more refined control over if and when your uploaded content goes public. You can now select one of three options for each upload’s Release Date:

  • Immediate Release (Public): The content will go live and be visible to all as soon as you click ‘Finish’ on the upload.
  • Manual Release (Private): The content will be only visible to you and those you share a private URL with (read more on our advanced private URL’s here).
  • Schedule Release: Allows you to select a past or future time/date for release. Use this option to backdate old releases so they show up in proper chronological order on your artist page (this is useful if you’re a new artist and uploading your back catalog to Audiomack). For future releases, think of schedule release as a hybrid between public and private; the track won’t be playable until the date and time you select here, and in the meantime the page will show a countdown timer that all users can see. Soon, we’ll be introducing a Pre-Save feature on these countdown pages for listeners — so your followers can elect to have your track automatically added to a playlist as soon as it goes live!

Aside from these huge new features which are live today, we have much bigger plans in store for our upload system over the coming months. Our new upload flow was built using a completely new Upload API, which will soon be open to approved apps, partners, and distributors. Our public Upload API will enable developers to create unique custom integrations with Audiomack for their Digital Audio Workstations, Apps, and Websites.

Try out the new upload process HERE!

Questions about the new upload process? Inquire here.

-The Audiomack Team


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