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Audiomack’s Account Page Got an Update, Check Out These Pro Tips

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack’s account pages have a fresh look and fresh features, let’s break down how you can use them to keep moving music forward and grow your audience.

Social Icons

You can now link out to all of your socials — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook — right from your Audiomack account page. Allow Audiomack to be your homebase for growing your presence on social media. Driving fans to your Audiomack artist page is about more than moving music forward and building followers in-app and on-site. Now, you can grow your following across multiple platforms, all by growing your presence on Audiomack.


Artist descriptions are the first impressions made unto prospective fans, let’s make sure you make yours pop. Start with one punchy sentence that captures who you are, and the unique sound you’re bringing to the music game. Write something you would want to read. It’s also best to include where you’re based so other local artists and fans of your local music scene can connect right away with you and your music. If you’ve gotten press coverage, pull out a quote that best sums up your music and make sure to attribute it in your description, too.

Banner Photos and Profile Photos

A clear and engaging banner and profile photo are essential to getting fans on your artist page. Use your banner photo to promote upcoming releases or concerts, and make sure your profile photo is a hi-res, professional-looking press photo. That means: not grainy, and not dressed to death in Instagram filters. For more in-depth tips on using profile banners, check out our How-To on the Audiomack blog.

Using Your Copy Link

Drive even more traffic to your Audiomack artist page, your music, and your additional social media by using the Audiomack copy link! With a simple tap or click, you can drop your copy link in your Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube bio, creating a homebase for your fans to find you as you grow all of your social platforms. The copy link is a streamlined way to drop a pin on your corner of the online music space and claim it as your own. When you share your link, it populates with a photo, your description, and gives fans a quicky guide to who you are as an artist. Once fans get to your page, they’ll have the opportunity to check out your other socials, creating the perfect storm of social media sharing.

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