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Audiomack Partners With Ziiki Media to Fund Promotion for African Artists

By Audiomack on

In line with our commitment to investing in and amplifying African music, Audiomack has teamed up with leading entertainment provider, Ziiki Media. This partnership will see Audiomack propel the craft of artists across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa through a series of marketing campaigns.

Through this partnership, Audiomack will have access to artists under Ziiki Media’s platform while offering them an opportunity to amplify their music to millions of fans through out-of-home advertising (billboards, posters, bus branding) and live event activations for their music projects.

“At Audiomack, we constantly work to identify challenges that exist in the music industry and pull our resources to overcome these challenges,” says Charlotte Bwana, Head of Business Development and Media Partnerships for Audiomack Africa. “We recognize the need for artists to reach existing and potential fans within their region and beyond through impactful marketing tactics, making this initiative a good step in the right direction. With this partnership, we aim to support the growth of the African music industry and we look forward to spearheading similar initiatives that propel the region’s music ecosystem.”

“Ziiki Media is home to prominent artistes across sub-Saharan Africa and we are excited to combine efforts with Audiomack to help provide exposure and support to these talents,” Arun Nagar, Chief Executive Officer of Ziiki Media says.”We believe that Ziiki Media and Audiomack’s shared value in spotlighting and elevating local talent will drive positive tangible change to the region’s music industry.”

With a presence in all 54 African countries, Audiomack remains committed to moving music forward and connecting with its African audience by investing resources into the region’s culture and communities.


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