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Audiomack Is Ending File Sharing, Here’s Why

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Let’s talk offlining and the future of file sharing on Audiomack.

Sometimes, moving music forward means making difficult decisions. For years, downloading files and MP3s, and taking our favorite music with us has been the main method for music consumption, but Audiomack has moved on from file downloads in favor of offlining.

Okay, but how can I listen to my music on the go?

You still can! Removing file downloads does not mean you’re stuck between choosing to use your data or missing out on your favorite tunes. Audiomack offers an in-app offlining feature, allowing you to take your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts with you wherever you go — no internet connection required. Offlining is everything you loved about downloading, repackaged and refreshed. Removing file downloads has allowed us to speed up and simply the Audiomack user experience.

Sure, but what if I’m an artist, and I want my fans to be able to download my music?

We totally hear you, but remember that with offlining, fans can still listen to your music while on the go. With file downloads, the life of a song or album ends once the download is complete. You don’t know how often they’re listening, and you can’t make any money off multiple plays of your song. Once they download the song, the relationship effectively goes dark.

Now, offlining gives you the chance to extend the lifetime of your song and track which songs your fans are connecting with most. Even when an album is offlined, you still get updates on play counts for both the album and the song, giving you richer feedback and increasing your account page stats. Not to mention, through Audiomack’s AMP program, you have the opportunity to earn money from your offlined songs.

File downloads were once a beloved thing, but offlining is the future of music consumption. Between the added benefits for listeners and artists, everybody wins with this Audiomack app update.

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