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9 Keys to Fan Engagement on Social Media, as Explained by Corite

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Corite’s mission is to keep artists in control of their careers. Speaking with Emelie Olsson, Director of Artist Relations for the company, it’s clear the entire business model is predicated upon empowering independent artists, as well as their fans. A crowdfunding platform based in Stockholm, Sweden, Corite allows fans to “invest with their hearts” and become “true collaborators” across artists’ careers.

The Corite model exists to push the music industry into a future where major-label backing stops being the be-all-end-all. With Corite, artists secure funding, distribution, and marketing support from fans-turned-backers. In return, artists share their revenue in real time when their music is streamed. An artist sets up a campaign on Corite—complete with detailed presentation so fans understand what they’re getting into—setting a funding goal, which is met by their fans and repaid over the course of a year’s worth of streaming payouts.

“Our mantra is ‘Fan Power,’” Olsson explains. “We’re building a world ruled by independent artists, driven by the power of the fans. By inviting fans to be a part of your release, you turn your fans into backers and gather the ones who truly believe in you and actually are willing to pay money for your music.”

Once the supported song is released, backers and artists get access to a detailed streaming dashboard, wherein everyone can track the success of the song. In essence, Corite activates fans in the digital world much like street teams were once the pinnacle of artist-to-fan marketing.

“Everything we do today is about engagement,” Olsson says. “The bridge between the artist and the public is very big. Regular people can, all of a sudden, talk to a famous person. It’s definitely all about how everyone wants to support artists these days.”

For Audiomack World, Emelie Olsson shares nine keys to fan engagement on social media.

Don’t be shy on social media. “With social media the possibilities for an artist are endless, and a great asset. These days you can build, grow, and engage your fans with no or very little money at all. Having patience, being creative, updating with high-quality content, and dedicating time to getting to know and understand your fans will lead to both growth and engaged followers.”

Be consistent with your posts. “As in many other cases, the saying ‘consistency is key to success’ can be applied. Following someone on social media could be compared to following a TV show. The fans and followers are eager for you to post more content, and they’re waiting for you to post the next update.”

Get creative with your social strategy, and have fun. “The reason the ‘tired’ social media tactics don't work is because it's no fun following them. And if you don’t think it’s fun, the fans will notice.

“Find your spark in what you’re doing. What lights your spark? Is it writing, video editing, telling stories, or perhaps going live on Instagram? Do what you think is fun, everything that isn’t will never work, and if none of that is fun to you, maybe finding someone who can help you with social media will make it easier.”

Be generous with your followers. “In its essence, it’s all about being generous towards the ones who follow you, whatever that means to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean being personal, but inviting your fans to be a part of your creative journey, your life from the studio until the performance on stage.

“Find your true connection with your fans by figuring out what you have in common. What matters to them? Ask your fans what they want more of on your social media, and take your time talking to them, answering their questions and small things like liking their comments could make your fans’ days.”

Develop your social media voice. “This is so the fans immediately recognize your posts in their feeds. This could be done by always using the same font and color when you update on TikTok or Instagram, using a specific filter or combination of colors in your pictures. It could even be a personal greeting you always start with. It’s the same way that big brands think to build brand recognition, like how we connect colors with the McDonald’s brand.”

Storytelling is key. “Everyone loves a good story, so make sure you have yours written down and that you have put thought into it. Being an artist who loves music will not make you stand out in any way, but your story will!”

Be prepared to blow up. “Music today is largely driven by single tracks that are trending on social media, so it’s something that everyone tries to figure out and struggles with. You should always be prepared for your music blowing up or going viral. That way, when it happens, you already have the next release in mind to keep the momentum going. I think most artists dream about it happening, but when it does there isn’t a plan, and you could even get more anxious with what you should put out there or what the next step is.”

Collaborate and network. “Reach out to artists in the same genre and try to build a relationship with them. Try to get them to listen to your music. If the music is great, they will definitely like it and are more likely to show it to their fans.”

Over-communicate your message. “Lots of artists tend to believe that once they’ve said something once, they’ve said it enough, and everybody knows about it. Most of it gets lost in the loud noise where everyone fights for attention. You have to repeat your messages over and over again for them to stick.

“I think Justin Bieber is a good example of an artist who successfully managed to get the story out there. Even if you’re not a fan, you probably know that Justin Bieber made his way to success by being scouted on YouTube when he was very young. We’ve heard the story so many times that we can connect the music to it once it’s being played, putting everything in context and aligning it with his story itself.”

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