Tour Stories

10k.Caash Brings a Flamethrower to Rolling Loud for 'Tour Stories'

By Audiomack on April 8, 2020

Dallas artist 10k.Caash is more than just a rapper. He's the creator of the viral dance phenomenon the Woah, a social media maven, and also a battle-tested smuggler.

In the first episode of our brand new series Tour Stories, the Def Jam signee recounts a wild day at Rolling Loud, in which he manages to sneak a flamethrower onstage during his performance at the world's predominant hip-hop festival. All animation courtesy of Paperface.

Tour Stories is a new animated series from Audiomack that illustrates the crazy, impossible-to-believe life of today’s biggest music stars. We have a notable artist break down their craziest experience from the road—whether it be a concert, studio session, travel experience, or just hanging out with other artists—and turn that story into a cartoon.

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