Woozzzy Bad Romance



Bad Romance | (My Chemical Romance, Seether & Blink-182 Type Instrumental) 117 BPM FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW. © Woozzzy Public Contact: woozzzy.pub@gmail.com Find Everything Here: https://linktr.ee/Woozzzy PLEASE GIVE ME THE PROPER CREDITS!! If you are using the free download for SoundCloud, YouTube or other unmonetized platforms, you MUST INCLUDE ME IN THE SONG TITLE (ex:“TITLE (Prod. Woozzzy)” and it would be nice if you’d link my page for that platform. However, if you’d like. To upload your project to monetized platforms (Apple Music, Spotify etc.) you’ll need to purchase a license (be sure to read it). READ TERMS FIRST (above) AND LICENSES! - Download/Buy license here: https://bsta.rs/49cdbe94 If you have any questions, please email me.

  • Producer: Woozzzy
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