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WizzyIcy Ignored

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for more information contact wizzyicy on IG/Twitter @wizzyicy #afropop #hiphop #rap #coronavirus #staysafe Chorus Lyrics : Have you ever felt night so cold? Have you ever felt your heart so frozed? you believed and you trusted But they failed you you fall to your kneesThey just ignored cos they wanted you to stop I gave you love cos i thought it was enoughYou turned your back because my wheels fell off The ones never expected would hurt you Verse The pain so sticky like a cough flueGat Me sipping medications and i can't choose When you love someone they don't love you tooChasing on the money i dun wanna lose When you love the money is d root of evilBut money is the language understand by all people I would be gone for awhile never coming back till i make it Tryna put my feelings in my ly

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