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WHOREible Decisions Period, Sis Trailer


Official Box Owner Presents: Period, Sis podcast. Tune in every Monday for a tale of womanhood, for women, by women. Period, Sis is a podcast focused on tales of womanhood. From trying to get after years of birth-control, miscarriages, loving yourself, and even the smell of your vagina, host Mandii B will be joined every week by women from all walks of life to tap into an experience that many women will resonate and others will learn from. Other topics include: PCOS, Co-parenting, dating as a single mother, yeast infections, BV, period cramps, and much MORE! Subscribe, Rate and Review wherever you listen to you favorite podcasts and follow us on Instagram @officialboxowner and continue the conversation. Follow the host on all social platforms @fullcourtpumps

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