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WHOREible Decisions Ep64: The Friend Zone feat Assante


We have 1/3 of "The Friend Zone" podcast this week to discuss being in the Friend zone. Can friends have sex with each other? How do you exit the friendzone? Does sex complicate things? Assante and the duo dig into where they draw the lines with friends and the bedroom. The conversation also goes from sexual piercings to pubic hair and Assante shares one crazy fetish......with socks?!? Follow Assante on IG/Twitter @heyassante NEW YORK CITY! We have a live show on Friday, JUNE 22nd! Don't miss out on this! Get your tickets now here Today's episode was brought to you by SheOrgasms and Spunk Lube Follow SheOrgasms @blogMelaninmilk Looking for a new lube? Check out @spunklube on social media and visit Email us your questions,inquiries and hoe-mail to

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