WHOREible Decisions Ep46: Busting a Load in Heels and a Hoe Coach Feat Imani


This episode got alil crazy! This week the duo are joined by a self- proclaimed hoe coach! Imani, a lifestyle coach, uses her knowledge of men and coaches women through dating, breakups, and relationships. A whole bunch of gems are dropped and well, when the kink of the week is interrupted by Dallas Penn to share one of his kinks, the show takes a left turn! By far one of the funniest and unexpected moments to happen during a recording of Whoreible Decisions! Don't forget to become a Patron and catch Bonus content and the full video recording of this episode at Patreon.com/Whoreibledecisions Guest Imani can be found on IG/TWITTER @actualblackmermaid Don't forget to follow us on IG @whoreible_decisions and Twitter @WhoreiblePod This episode was brought to you by the Travel GUYdes podcast! If you're looking for tips on how to travel for an affordable price and truly looking to get out and see the world, listen to the Travel GUYdes wherever you listen to podcasts!

  • Release Date: February 3, 2018