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WHOREible Decisions Ep178: Sperm Smoothies and Weird Sex Feat Mal


The ladies are joined by Mal, 1/4 of the Joe Budden Podcast and they start with a few ice breakers before jumping into the vanilla sh-t of the week where a woman uses sperm in her smoothies as a way to fight off illnesses as well as keep her skin clear. The Whore'derv this week provides sex tips during Covid and how to be safe and you won't believe the tips that government websites are giving people. For this week's Whoreible Decision, we discuss moving on from an ex, knowing when you are over someone and if you should care about who/what your ex is doing when you both have moved on. Follow this week's guest on social media IG @mal_bytheway and Twitter @mal___ as well as check out his podcast exclusively on Spotify, The Joe Budden Podcast every Wednesday and Saturday All caught up? Want more WD content? Become a patron by going to

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