WHOREible Decisions Ep121: Dating with Dominance Feat Shan Boody


This week's episode the duo are joined by sexologist and intimacy expert Shan Boody. The ladies delve right into it with discussing their most recent intimate moments, Weezy speaks on her throuple relationship and the girls go down a rabbit hole of topics. How much would you sell your used panties for and are you dating with dominance? We go into the bare necessities of dating and what you should be aware of before jumping into the dating pool. Also, try taking Shan Boody's personality test to see what type of dater you are. Take the quiz here: thegameofdesire.com/letsgo Follow this week's guest on social media @shanboody and be sure to use #Whoreibledecisions on Twitter/IG or let us know your thoughts on this week's episode on Twitter @Whoreiblepod This week's episode was brought to you by SofiaGray.com and use our Promocode: WDP to get 30% off your membership. Make some extra income by selling your used panties or be a purchaser of used panties with thousands of options. For our lash lovers and LA based fans, visit GetLashedLA @getlashedla and mention Whoreible Decisions for $25 off your full-set. If you are a lash tech, use code WDP and get 20% off your online order. GetLASHEDLA.com Wanna listen to more from the clip featured at the end of this week's episode? Want to support the podcast? Become a Patron!! To receive 3 bonus episodes per month + merchandise and much more, become a patron at Patreon.com/whoreibledecisions

  • Release Date: July 1, 2019