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WHOREible Decisions Eargasms & Rollercoasters


This week the duo is in the studio solo and they are revisiting sex from the past with the lovers they’ve shared over the course of Whoreible Decisions. They discuss regrets, growth and things taken away from each relationship. The Vanilla Sh-t this week discusses a woman whose boyfriend is a rollercoaster (YOU READ THAT RIGHT! leading the girls to discuss the Kink/Paraphilia Agalmatophilia. For the Whorederve sex tip this week, Mandii shares about after-sex stretching a yoga position ( Mandii shares about her most recent orgasmic experience that involved her EAR! AGAIN…..YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Enjoy this week’s episode of Whoreible Decisions Follow the hosts on social media Weezy @Weezywtf & Mandii @Fullcourtpumps

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