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Bob Lennon Go Nikki

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Bob Lennon

Go Nikki is a fun and upbeat single to kick off the first quarter from songwriter/recording artist Bob Lennon. A melodic dance song that was recorded in LA during the latter half of 2020 and produced by California native Peyton Smith aka Payt, with memorable and outlandish lines that stick to your brain and stay there. Imagery is a literary device that comes to mind while I’m writing this review... I dunno maybe it’s the writer coming out of me,(excuse the big words), but The unknown legend finds a way to intertwine money, illegal activities, beautiful women, a night of fun, and drugs all into one big ball of mind porn that is paired with a mainstream almost pop like production and throws a cherry on top by naming it Go Nikki...haha.

  • Producer: Payt
  • Release Date:

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