Whalle TSL God Bless Nigeria

  • Feat. GRACE
  • Album: Single

Whalle TSL

It's Nigeria's independence, I pray for the abundance of God's mercy over Nigeria, I pray that God grant us the spirit of oneness, I pray for peace in the north, south, east, and the west, I pray God shines His light upon us, I pray that Nigeria become great again, I pray that God's kingdom be established in Nigeria, I also pray that Nigeria become a nation that reverence God, I pray for orderliness, and finally, I pray for the renewal of mind for Nigerian youths and freedom from the evils that the media are exposing us to. You and I shall witness the great Nigeria we desire. Amen... Happpy Independence!!!

  • Producer: Whalle TSL
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date: October 1, 2020