Whalez WFS 4 woman

  • Album: WFS


WFS 4(woman) It’s really saddening 💔 seeing how women around the world 🌍 are been maltreated, abused, underrated and underestimated, from the resent incidents of Rape & violence against the girls in Nigeria, coupled up with millions of other unheard cases all over the world. Sometimes we seem to forget the relevance of women, how powerful and resourceful they are and their importance to the present & future of every generation. Women are to be loved, respected and treated with utmost importance. I Strongly condemn the Act of Rape and any other form of violence against women, and I sympathize with the families affected. In My own little way, I have put together this piece to remind you all “Women” that you are loved, cherished and appreciated.

  • Album: WFS
  • Release Date: June 2, 2020

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