Weza MusiQ Weight Ft LuE (Prod. Weza MusiQ)

  • Feat. LUE
  • Album: NEVERMIND

Weza MusiQ

Weight For people who are told that they're never gonna amount to anything and for people who are trying their best not to give up on their dreams. Derived from a joint upcoming project titled NEVERMIND, by Weza MusiQ and LuE, the song was created from their experiences and their coping mechanism is music. They are aware that they are not the only ones carrying weight and they hope this song will help people offload. We use our platform to motivate the youth and would like to use this song to encourage everyone who's studying and feeling worthless, that they carry value.

  • Producer: Weza MusiQ
  • Album: NEVERMIND
  • Release Date: November 3, 2019