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Waynewood and JavyDade Silence



The melody has a chill vibe to it with emotional lyrics showing the pain and sacrifices one must make in order to achieve inner happiness and outward greatness. All negative energy shall forever remain in Silence. There's a melody in your head You can't let it out (ssshhh) You look so confident But you're filled with doubt You scream at the top of your lungs But you hear the silence You trap all the anger inside Yeah you hide the violence You're surrounded by your loved ones Yet you're all alone You need the joy back in your heart But it's all gone Chorus What's your reality You're crying out for safety You been all alone You're drowning by gravity What is it you living for What is it you going for Everybody tells you to snap back to reality Tryna peak in every hole Tryna open eve

  • Producer: Mantra
  • Release Date: