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WAVE BEATS Music Saved My Life ..Twice..


Every single melody in this album express me in a very unique vibes, please be patient while listening to the music, I humbly appreciate your support and humbly requesting you once you started a track, please finish it as I don’t repeat melodies and asking you not to judge the book from it’s cover, you can listen to this album anywhere in the car, home, phone, beach, break, club, anywhere, by listening to this album, you are getting attached to me somehow as a family or a close friend, because simply you will understand me. Thank you for being you ✨ ALMOST FORGOT 😅 This Album was made on my cellphone (GarageBand, Flstudiomobile3, Drumpads24,Splashpro, Beatwave) This amazing apps and collaborations with 18 producers all over the world sharing samples, stems and kits. WAVEBEATS, Enjoy.

  • Runtime: 134 minutes, 40 songs
  • Release Date: