WatchDAWG ft Convey & Hooka Hold Something

  • Album: World Premiere


The recent spread of the "Afro" Genre of music across the globe has just giving spruce to Labels, here we have one of those top-notch record labels (WatchDAWG Records) and they start their official 2020 cycle with a great feature of some of their artist and a visual to go with. Produced by one of Nigeria's top producers in the person of Duktorsett who has worked with the likes of Efe & Oxlade to mention a few and the very melodious vocals of Hooka who has worked with top producers like Dj Coublon, Cobhams, Panam Percy Paul also on this is the very skillful and special vocals of Convey in his prime, this track is titled "Hold Something" and it encourages everyone to hold on to anything that makes them truly happy, elevated and steadfast in life.

  • Producer: Duktorsett, Convey, WatchDawg & ashakahooka
  • Album: World Premiere
  • Release Date: April 20, 2020


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