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Wake Self Ready to Live

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Wake Self

The New Mexico Hip Hop community suffered an unimaginable loss on November 5, 2019 when Andrew “Wake Self” Martinez was killed by a drunk driver. The seasoned emcee/community activist was only 30 years old at the time of his death. Two days after his passing, Wake was supposed to be at Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf for a release party to unveil what would prove to be his last album, the eerily titled, ‘Ready To Live.’ But Wake never got the opportunity to reveal his work. Instead, his family and friends have dedicated their time to make sure the project is heard.  On Friday (January 3), Wake’s family and friends held a sold-out album release party in Albuquerque for where a roster of local artists performed in his honor, another testament to his unforgettable impact.

  • Runtime: 36 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date:


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