Wag-Houz Media Kyere me Kwan


I'm the way the truth and the Light, no one goes to the Father except through Me, said Jesus in John 14:6.. As we journey Home(Heaven), all we need as Christians is to always be on the Look out for the directions from our Lord and Master Saviour. We are all blind to our mistakes (gossip, slander, fornication murder, bribery and corruption, lying etc)and lawyers to defend ourselves, but with this attitude, we going to backslide from the path of righteousness. Jesus the perfecter and the author of our faith has set the standards for us to follow, yet we can't do it all by ourselves but to wholly lean on Him. #KYERE #ME #KWAN is telling us to humbly ask our Redeemer to show us the way lest we go astray. Allow Him to teach, mold, transform and recreate you anew.... God show us the wa

  • Producer: Ebenez
  • Release Date: July 24, 2020

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