• Feat. Tory Lanez
  • Album: DUMMY BOY

VXII Radio

We start off with Tory Lanez beautifuly signing the catchy hook of the track on top of a summer-type chord melody infused with some latin spice as the intro.Already introducing us to the catchy and addicting line "I do my own stunts, I Jackie Chan with it" any listener needs less then 30 seconds to know he's listening to a chart dominating hit! As the break progresses what really hooks us in is the bassline that appears half way in, collaberating with the middle eastern flavored flute BEAUZ sprinkled on top, slowly making us shake our heads and vibe to Tory's voice even more! Building the anticipation up with claps and drum fills we have no doubt in our mind what we're about to hear will be nothing less then awesome!The drop kicks in and our heart rate jumps up! Lead comes in hot with a punchy kick, snare and then an incredibly disroted bass that shakes everything in our vicinity! The pitched down vocal-chops BEAUZ used to create this addicting melody takes this track to a whole new level!This was clearly made to have every cell in our body vibrate, BEAUZ dictating the terms of our movements from head to toe!
  • Producer: BEAUZ
  • Album: DUMMY BOY
  • Release Date: November 30, 2018

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