ViQQ Call My Phone



"Your boy ViQQ pon tin", the trademark line of rising ViQQ as he enters this up-tempo afrobeats track title "Call My Phone". Produced by Sparky and mixed & mastered by ViQQ, it's a happy, fun track that's gets you up on your feet, easy to dance to and brightens your mood. ViQQ infuses R&B into Afrobeat for a unique sound and expression. On this song, he talks about his encounter with a girl he saw, spoke to and gave his number. But unfortunately didn't get back to him. He starts out the song by talking about how this particular made him feel. Towards the end of the song (outro), he says "the thing wey be una problem be say una too like to dey form", meaning, the problem of girls is their pride. "Call My Phone" is purely from a creative side and has no motive to mock, or insult females.

  • Producer: Sparky
  • Release Date: