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Victorano Afro Juju Republik


A blend of African tribalistic drums to guitars, pianos etc which victorano has been into from age 9. Rano had a dream while dealing with a girl in 2018 he had so much to write about her which led to the writing of to the moon. After then, he later had dark times in 2019 which led him to writing don’t wanna leave. In 2020, thinking of how much visions he had and how much good things happened when he was with a girl he wrote loco which almost had him crying with his falsetto because they couldn’t work out even after such and on getting to the studio to record all the songs, MonaLee gave him the instrumental for boogie down and thinking he could let go all his pain and party led to the song and all he did in the studio at that time in May is what you have here.

  • Producer: Mona Lee, Victorano & MonaLee
  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: