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FULL LYRICS Ajejeje je je Ajejeje je je Ajejeje je je Ajejeje je je Baba okipogna M na mo Baba okindikna Cheque WHY NOT Baba okimanyna tich na tich Baba okipogna Mo WHY NOT Baba Okindikna Cheque Na cheque Baba okimanyna tich WHY NOT Baba okipogna Mo Na Mo Baba Okindikna Cheque WHY NOT Ochuna gi soda gi panadol Ochuna gi miwa gi Kenya cain Ochuna gondelo gi chang'aa be Pokamer Pokanang'oo thing Anyise ni oda ni singapore Aonge pool Mano waterfall Do you believe me Do you believe me Anyono Vapor Max pair ang'wen Paparazzi manyo pricetag Baby you lucky to talking to me Don't you that you owe me Am the niga with the bag Amade it rain in the first date Day 2 day 3 Day 4 Jogo oluongo Arus Anyisheni baby WHY NOT

  • Producer: Major Static & Mg
  • Release Date: