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Skip & Shannon: Undisputed Full Show (AB allegations, Kevin Durant, Dak's deal, OBJ's watch, LeBron's


- Skip, Shannon, and Jenny address the news that Antonio Brown has been accused of sexual assault and rape in a federal civil lawsuit. (00:16) - Is Dallas really better than Philadelphia after Week 1? (24:17) - Should Kevin Durant be taking shots at his former teams? (38:22) - Should the Panthers be concerned about Cam Newton this season? (52:22) - Is it fair to compare the Patriots’ Antonio Brown acquisition to Randy Moss? (1:02:10) - Should Cowboys fans be concerned that Dak still doesn’t have a deal? (1:11:32) - Is there a problem with how Odell Beckham Jr. is handling the issue of wearing a luxury watch during games? (1:25:46) - Mark Schlereth joins the show to discuss whether the Cowboys are getting too much hype after beating the Giants. (1:34:21) - Should DeMarcus Lawrence have snubbed a young Giants fan’s autograph request? (1:46:47) - Do you like LeBron’s new pizza comme

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