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Ty Rider

Follow me on IG for more drops and updates. Follow me on Spotify for more drops! Stay Healthy My Friends (Jonathan Goldsmith voice) hook Big bands, dance, don't do xans, she wanna throw that back, I know that nat is a fan, Fuck stress, live life x4 Verse this music decrative, these rappers are decadent, this is the difference, i spread intelligence, bout to get ignorant niggas irrelevant, my people elegant, dont mention reference, that is yo preference, i come direct wit it, borderline pessimist, i gotta deal with it. you hoes accepting it, some never dealt with it Need my money without measurements, i need these settlements, you rep embezzlement, yo life irrelevant, my mind is detriment, cuffing this money I just might go marry it. Straight from my city, they don't give no pity, I came from the gritty. got

  • Producer: LyfeTheParty
  • Release Date: