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Tula Pro

Jdan aka Justice Danjuma Shekwosa, Nasarawa based Gospel Rapper, is here with his official single “FOUND ME” from his mixtape. This song he says is a Demonstration of Gratitude inspired by Scripture reading, letting us know that Christ love which found you/I and provide internal Life is a gift, Christian life is not just Common but Special and priceless. Matthew 28:46, John 3:16, 1 John 3:1, 1John 4:10, Luke 19:10. *Jesus came to find us, for we could never have found Him if left to ourselves*. The song is filled with some fusion of dance-hall to keep you rocking all day. It’s a must have for every one. *Found Me* @jdanreal

  • Producer: TulAPRO
  • Release Date: