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Trevor the Trashman Spoiled Brat (Prod. By Benny Nice)


Spoiled Brat is the third single off Trevor the Trashman's (@trevortrashman) forthcoming album "Hell Yeah | I Want It All." Following the success of Top Me Off (feat Vic Mensa) and Genius Penius, Spoiled Brat sounds very stripped down to bare bones compared to Trevors other most recent offerings. Spoiled Brat is a very honest, and vulnerable song over smooth and soulful production from longtime collaborator, and Chicago native Benny Nice. The track details Trevor acknowledging that he can be a bit of an asshole, and making no apologies for it. Hell Yeah | I Want It All is set for release mid February. It features production from Nate Fox, P On The Boards, Roca Beats, and The Vamp, and verses from Vic Mensa, Nacho Picasso, Saba, Green Sllime, and Pimp Jong ILL.

  • Producer: Benny Nice
  • Album: Hell Yeah | I Want It All
  • Release Date: