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Brandon Markell Holmes Museum of R&B

toucan sounds

May we present, the debut album of Brandon Markell Holmes, 'The Museum of R&B.' Originally released as part of a 2019 immersive live experience at The Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago, we have repackaged the music from the installation, and put it together here for you. As you may know, we have released a number of tracks with Brandon as a featured vocalist, including collaborations with musclecars and Sweatnik, and have been a true fan since we first saw his GRAMMY-nominated collaboration with Gorrillaz via their 'Humanz' Album. Part of this release is a brand new 'toucan edit,' that uses elements from 4 different tracks on the album into one new mix for the dance floor. The overwhelming flood of talent - mostly Chicago based - is evident on every track.

  • Runtime: 39 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: