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Tone Atlas Water to Wine


When listening to ‘Water to Wine,’ Tone Atlas’s passion is not only evident but it’s palpable. The Syracuse, NY native raps with a fervor reserved typically for artists either just starting out or trying to stage a comeback. But for Tone, it’s just part of his appeal—his artistry is incredibly important to him, and his output is all the better for it. On his follow-up to last year’s well received EP, the emcee opted to team up with a sole producer—the superbly gifted Elemnt—for the entirety of Water to Wine. The result is a focused and engaging listen that flows naturally from one track to the next, even as Tone is tackling varied subject matter. ‘Water to Wine’ can be streamed in its entirety right here, courtesy of Audiomack, and can be purchased through all major digital retailers

  • Producer: Elemnt
  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: