Abhi The Nomad FEUD

  • Feat. Sherm
  • Album: FEUD (feat. Sherm)

Tommy Boy Ent.

With winter fast approaching and 2018 soon coming to a close, Austin based boundary-breaker Abhi The Nomad ins’t yet ready to cut off the heat. While this year may have been his most memorable to date; seeing the release of his critically acclaimed debut LP, “Marbled”, being granted a visa to stay in the US as a working musician, while also embarking on his first North American headlining tour; Abhi The Nomad has continually turned heads and shut down naysayers while helping to push Desi Hip Hop culture to the masses. With his new single, “FEUD”, Abhi has teamed up with Sherm to deliver an absolute bop. Pitched baselines, ominous guitar riffs, funky percussion and braggadocios bars come together to create an energetic, head-knocking release. While both artists have come to prove that they are, “in a league of their own”, it is easy to hear that they are still having fun shutting it down.

  • Producer: Abhi The Nomad
  • Album: FEUD (feat. Sherm)
  • Release Date: November 30, 2018