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TolumiDE Throwback


TolumiDE With so many challenges wrapped up in 2020, one can bring light into the present moment simply by remembering. In Afro-pop/soul singer/songwriter TolumiDE’s upcoming single, she embraces the ‘good ole days’ with gratitude, cherishing memories to help lighten up the moment. After connecting online with mates from her secondary school days in Nigeria, she was inspired by a time with fewer cares, when she remembers “dancing in the sun.” Set to release January 15, 2021, “Throwback” celebrates “Ayo” which as a name “Ayoola” translates to happiness, joy and wealth, with a unique emphasis on the richness of moments. “I would love listeners to be happy, share their stories like photos and videos of cherished memories and possibly dance along to the song" - TolumiDE

  • Producer: Terry Poindexter & Tolulope Olumide Yeboah
  • Album: Throwback
  • Release Date: