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Parable Revelations



Chorus I wanna talk about life on the last daze rise I wanna talk about life on the last daze pray It's all about Tommorow It's never bout today x 2 Verse 1 I wanna tell God,,,, bout the things,,,,I saw in my life,,,,nigga believe I wanna tell God bout the human vices, busy eating ma life We fiending the world ,we livin the moment Spare the curse let me talk 'bout Tommorow This is Revelation,,, get the admiration it's Parable wave , I bet you relate Lemme talk about the bitches on street They thinkin the life it's all about the money It's far from that,,, hope you taking ma words It's all about faith ,it's all about love percevearance the Lord is on take Talk about niggas who Livin for crak It's far from that bro I'm talking about life I took out my Bible and started to read

  • Producer: Parable
  • Album: Parablebible
  • Release Date: