Timiijamex No Glitch Hole



timiijamex woooo fresh on ha fresh on I don't glitch hole run from me kill your I've been like doing my shit choppa really gon to kill oo hah gaad dem God has a plan we know God has a plan we round round round am so sick of waiting killing enemy drain my batteries take my knife and stab that face and cut his arteries she want my stamina she want me died she want too be killing me fuck what Simon says I gat nothing in my head fuck what you nigga say for real codeine feel I just high the bill what the fuck idea I gat my self in the box am lock up money on me I feel like RoboCop I pull up with my gun I shot the nigga yes from the top nothing inside of my head and thinking nigga am hungry go back to the kitchen I gat myself a new bitch am kissing she love me cause I was black you say

  • Producer: Lelekumo timi precious
  • Release Date: