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Tim Ajayi Freakin' Out


Tim Ajayi

Alternate audio version available on all streaming platforms. A story about the Cost of Sensation. Infidelity isn't necessarily physical, it can take many forms. Freakin' Out is a non-subtle visual representation of this. It depicts the battle between love and lust, something that everyone encounters in some form. The universality of this battle is emphasized by the two audio versions released: this battle happens at home and at the club. What's your interpretation? Let us know below. Shot and Edited by: @RAImage Starring: @1TimAjayi / @LiterallyWinny / @KeilahRose Director of Photography: @ShootMeJade Produced and Mixed by: @FiveSixSpins Featuring: @MarciaMadeThis Artwork: @Little.Crib

  • Producer: Five Six
  • Album: Freakin' Out - Single
  • Release Date: